Economics project

Economics project



Your task is to write NEW lyrics to a popular hit song and post your musical masterpiece to YouTube or Vimeo. If you follow all the rules listed below, your group can get a great grade for the 10% that this counts of total grade. The overall winning group for this semester will be submitted to the National Rockonomix Contest sponsored by Worth Publishing Company to compete against the winning videos from other universities.


1. Group Size: limited to 4-6 people. You can choose your own group or I can help choose one for you.

2. Song Choice: choose any song, but get approval before beginning to avoid excessive duplication! Don’t be surprised if I don’t know the song. I’m not very hip anymore.

3. Song Lyrics: lyrics must be substantially rewritten (i.e. your own original work) and the theme of your new song must be about economics…which is about more than MONEY! Use terminology or ideas from our textbook (even if we didn’t cover it in class), class lectures, prior knowledge, etc.

4. Stay Classy: any aspect of economics is acceptable. However, avoid the use/showing of foul language, sexual content, violence, drugs or alcohol and keep your clothes on! If anyone sitting in chapel were to see it, they must not be offended by it and I should be able to show it in class.

5. Edutainment Factor: it must be humorous, entertaining and educational, because if it is unbearable or boring to watch, it is excruciating to grade! Hint: choose a HIT song!

6. SING: unaccompanied versions are not accepted unless you can sing acappella in four-part harmony. You must sing to recorded music and make sure you can hear the music on your video.

7. Comparative Advantage: you are free to specialize and outsource any aspect of this project. However, at minimum, every group member must have a cameo appearance in the video (photographs do not count) and appear in a group photo in the credits at the end of video.

8. Shout-Outs: if someone helps you with your video, give them proper recognition. If you use a location, get permission and give them a mention. You should also credit the original artist/song that you are parodying. I also prefer that you name your newly formed band/record label.

9. Final Cut: make sure the lyrics are spelled correctly and are visible in the video (YouTube/Vimeo captions don’t count), that you have followed all the rules, and that the video file you submit is a finished video and not a “project file”.

10. Official Video Release: Your assignment is due on Canvas WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6th before class begins. Turn in a completed document with the link to the video, the lyrics and a brief description of how it fits in with economics. Include the following as both tags and in the video description area on YouTube: TeachECON, Rock-o-nomix, Rockonomix, Rockonomics, Rock-o-nomics, Fall 2017, Economics, ECON, ECON 261, ACU, and your group name.

There will be a Peer Evaluation for your group for accountability. Your Canvas submission, YouTube/Vimeo upload, and peer evaluation must be completed before the deadline which is Wednesday December 6th. Your link must be PUBLIC and stay public.

** YouTube has become exceedingly sensitive to copyright violations for the tracks you use for this project. If you hit this snag, please try another site to upload your project: Vimeo, Critical Commons, etc.

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