Discussion Post “Lost Cause” Please respond to the following:

Discussion Post

“Lost Cause” Please respond to the following:

After reading chapter sixteen and the attached document students should address all of the questions listed below:

Historians argue that the federal government was negligent during the Reconstruction period. They offered no sustainable assistance to the freed people and as a result white southerners were able to take control of the southern society, economy, culture and politics with relative ease after the Compromise of 1877. That brings us to the attached article:

What misinformation and alternative history does the tour guide have to confront? Identify at least three items.
In what way does the misinformation relate back to the failures of the federal government (and the strength of the Redeemers) during Reconstruction?
How could the government have made a stronger statement about the position of freed people at the end the war while communicating to all southerners that they clearly lost the Civil War?
full credit) identify at least two issues that the witness who testifies before the Congressional committee raises in regards to the lives of the freed people. Students need to indicate in their posts how a stronger resp
To see the testimony:

Go to the week one landing page
Scroll down to the link entitled: Chapter 16 Reconstruction 1865-1877 (should be below the “Instructor Insights” link)
After clicking that link, students will be taken to another page where they will see another list of links
Look toward the bottom of the list and click the one that says Primary Sources, click that link
On the next page click Black Testimony On The Aftermath of Enslavement
Read that document

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