Development of ICT resource for a Class on-line site to communicate with parents and students

Development of ICT resource for a Class on-line site to communicate with parents and studentsOrder Description
Google Apps software or similar, as a service platform, has been deployed to students, teachers and administrative staff at both Catholic and government schools across Australia. The rationale behind this deployment was to move forward in terms of messaging and collaboration. But more importantly, it was a solution aligned with a virtual learning environment paradigm that would evolve to support the learning initiatives of our teachers and accommodate the expectations of the highly tech savvy generation Y and Z students who expect the same level of technology access in the classroom as they have at home (Gregory, 2012, The development and maintenance of a Google Site for your class will enable the demonstration of new methods of communication and messaging with their peers, colleagues and the wider community, along with a demonstration of integration of ICT with theoretical content of the unit and the day-a-week school visits.

Development of ICT resource
Part A –
Design and develop a class on-line site for communicating with parents and students (no referencing to theorists in this made up class on-line site)
Fake/Made Up Word Document “Google site” must be 3 pages 400 words each page (1200 words altogether)
The focus standard I have chosen is:
Standard 1 – Understand how Students learn: 1.2.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching.
– 1st page: “Welcome” page which is an introduction page explaining to parents what the site is about referring to the standard (Understand how Students learn: 1.2.1…) (approx. 400 words, may include educational images)
– 2nd page: “E-news” newsletter about what the site is about (approx. 400 words, include educational images)
– 3rd page: “Resources” Include resources that can be used in class and at home (for free, such as worksheets, YouTube clips, etc.) (approx. 400 words, include educational images)
Part B –
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – demonstration of learning through annotation and evaluation of online site in Part A.
800 word Annotated rationale on how this 3 page site meets this standard (Understand how Students learn: 1.2.1…) explain what you did on the site, why you did it, & relate back to literature/readings (explains what has been done and used on the Welcome page, eNews page, and Resources page and how it relates to the standard chosen (Understand how Students learn: 1.2.1…), you need to use other articles/references in your annotation/rationale to support what you are saying about your 3 pages’ on-line site and refer to the standard.
Include reference list for part B.

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