Describe the structures and events of sliding filament model

1. Describe the structures and events of the Sliding Filament Model of muscle cell contraction.
2. What is meant by brain plasticity? Relate this to the anatomy of the brain including lobes and major functional regions. Give examples.

3. Describe the anatomy of the spinal cord and relate the anatomy to the movement of nerve impulse to and from the brain.

4. Describe the anatomy of the heart including its major blood vessels.

5. Describe the anatomy of the digestive system including the structures of the enteric nervous system. Include the general structure of the alimentary canal and differences in the canal at different areas of the digestive system.

6. Describe the anatomy of the respiratory membrane and the forces involved in gas exchange at the respiratory membrane.

7. Describe the structures involved in urine formation and their functions.

8. Describe the general anatomy of a reflex arc.

9. Compare and contrast the basic structural anatomy of skeletal muscles and nerves.

10. Describe the organization of the Nervous system, both structurally and functionally.

11. Choose 3 organ systems and describe how they are interconnected structurally.

12. Compare and contrast the 4 major tissue types.

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