Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
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1. Using the textbook, An Examined Life: Critical Thinking and Ethics Today provide real world examples of 3 of the fallacies listed in chapter 1.
For example, the Appeal to Nature- if one claims that anything that is natural, is good (or better than something else) then they may be committing the fallacy of appeal to nature.
An example of this is a show on Discovery channel called, Naked and Afraid. On the show survivalists spend 21 days in remote locations without anything- including clothes. Few, even those participating on the show, would argue that using clothing (which is technically, unnatural) is inherently bad because it is not natural.
Be sure to:
• Address the prompt(s) fully (write a paragraph);
• Respond to one classmate’s posting (say something substantial – add to the discussion!) (your response should be a well-thought-out paragraph); and
• Use Standard English and grammar in all postings.

2. Summarize, explain, and evaluate the main points of the reading at the end of Chapter 1- “How to Make Our Ideas Clear” by Charles S. Peirce in a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Do not simply cut and paste from the reading, but summarize the main points in your own words.

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