Create a plan for your first fieldwork to be conducted

Describing the contracts and liability on authority
March 4, 2017
analyzing the relationship between water rights and other institutions of society, politics, and economics. What is the historical origin of the current issues and problems in these three areas with respect to water rights?
March 4, 2017

Create a plan for your first fieldwork to be conducted in Module 3, including the following details:
The contact person for your fieldwork.

The type of fieldwork you will conduct.

Any organization you plan to visit.

Background information on the organization to include mission, purpose, and goals.

The date for your fieldwork.

Your expectations regarding the fieldwork in terms of material covered in the course. For example, what do you hope to gain from the fieldwork you have selected related to the material presented in the course?

The plan for the fieldwork, along with a possible backup fieldwork plan. The backup plan should include one, or possibly two, additional fieldwork you will be able to conduct in the event an originally planned fieldwork falls through for any number of reasons.

Write your response in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.

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