Correspondence #5: Negative News

Chemistry /laboratory Assignment
March 4, 2017
March 4, 2017

Correspondence #5: Negative News

Hello, I have an assignment. You should follow the Instructions step by step. It’s due 02/29/2017 at 09 PM. Cost from $5 to $9.

Assignment Objective: Write a formal email response to the customer, denying his request for a new phone.


Begin with words that are on subject, are neutral about the decision, and set up your strategy.

Present the strategy that explains or justifies, being factual and positive.

Refuse clearly and positively, perhaps including a counterproposal.

End with positive, forward-looking, friendly words.

Use positive words and try not to be insulting or blunt.

Use tact and indirect order.

Writing Guidelines

Must be typed in a 12-point font.

Refer to pages 146-148 for more information.

Look at the example on page 149, but remember you are writing an email.

Clear, concise, easy to read, and free of major usage errors.

Attached is the grading rubric for this assignment.

Attached is the grading rubric for this assignment.

You will submit your completed Word or RTF document in the submission box for this assignment (upload file, do not copy-and-paste into the text box).

Denying a Customer’s Claim if
Sometimes yourjob at White Label Industries includes photographs of the fabric to prove stress this point. in fact, you have difficulty
(WLll involves handling a complaint. Today her point. She contends that the product is understanding how Ms. Sanderson missed
that is one of your tasks because the morning defective, and she wants her money back- it when she ordered from the catalog. Any-
email has brought a strong claim for adjust- all $2,517 of it. way, as you see it, WLl is not responsible and
ment on an order for WLl’s Do-Craft fabrics. inspection of the photographs reveals should not refund the money. At the same
The claim writer, Ms. Arlene Sanderson, ex- that the fabric has been subjected to strong time, it wants to keep Ms. Sanderson as a
plains that a Do-Craft fabric her upholstering sunlightforlong periods. Do-Craftfabrics are repeat customer. Now you must write the
‘company used on some outdoor furniture has for indoor use only. Both the WM brochures message that will do just that. The following
faded badly in less than 10 months. She even on the product and the catalog description discussion tells you how.
as 55 Write adjustment refusals that minimize the negative {Ely error 100? WISIICh Syoilare resp on51ble. Bu; SUCh IS sofmetimes 1?“
and overcome bad impressions. t e case as in s. an erson s Situation a ove. The acts require
that you say no. The followmg section shows you how to handle
this type of message.
i R E FU S A L s The primary difference between this and other refusal messages
is that in these situations, as we are defining them, your company
AdJUStment refusals are a speC1al type Of refused request. will probably have clear, reasonable guidelines for what should
Your reader has made a 013m] asking for a remedy. Usually YOU and should not be regarded as legitimate requests for adjustment.
grant these 01311115. MOSt are legitimate, and YOU want to correct You will, therefore, not have to spend much time figuring out
f , ., 7 . Subject: Your May 3 claim for damages
f Ms. Sanderson,
1 7.51. l regret to reportthat we must reject your request for money back on the faded Do-Craft fabric.
We must refuse because Do-Craft fabrics are not made for outside use. It is difficult for me to un-
7 , , derstand how you failed to notice this limitation. It was clearly stated in the catalog from which you
ordered. it was even stamped on the back of every yard of fabric. Since we have been more than
reasonable in trying to inform you, we cannot possibly be responsible.
The adjustment refusal
ShOWS “we C on C em for th e We trust that you Will understand our posrtion. We regret very much havmg to deny your request.
reader 3 feelings. Marilyn Cox, Customer Relations
146 PART 3 l Writing Effective Messages

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