Conflict: Escalation,Factors, Addressing Conflict Management

Conflict: Escalation,Factors, Addressing Conflict Management 1. • What is conflict and how does it escalate? • What are some causes or factors that underlie conflict? • Explain the importance of addressing conflict. • Explain the purpose of effective conflict management. As you are explaining these concepts, think of ways they have had an impact on important decisions you have made in your life. Was there a point in your life where you experienced a conflict that required some thoughtful management? Think about this incident. Try to imagine yourself as an unbiased, neutral observer of this conflict. 2. Next, describe the incident using the terms and ideas you have learned in this section. Think about the following: As an objective observer, how much of a “conflict coward” were the major players in the situation you are describing? What were some of the factors that led to or exacerbated the conflict? How did the parties go about trying to deal with the matter at hand? How did it turn out? Did your ultimate decision help lead to a satisfactory solution or outcome in some way?

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