compare and contracts two literature pieces

compare and contracts two literature pieces
Paper details:

these are the two literature pieces i want to compare (1) I HAVE A DREAM by Dr Mathins Luther (2) SELMA the historical Film

Su 2016 EH 216

Papers 1 and 2:
Protest Writing Then and Now
For your papers, I’d like you to choose any piece of literature I have assigned you to read this in this course and compare and contrast that piece of literature with a current piece of protest literature, which can be a novel, a story, play, a memoir, a song, a movie, a piece of performance art, a piece of visual art, etc. You’ll begin this work with the first paper, around 500 words. And for the second paper you’ll expand and finish it at around 1000 words. You can choose to submit both parts at once for the same grade, if you feel confident in your writing. Or, you can do your best in the first half—get notes from me and a grade—and then submit the second half based on that feedback.

A. What would I like you to compare and contrast?
1) What is being protested?
2) What are the methods of protest being used?

–what kind of piece of literature is this?
— how is it designed to persuade
–what traditions or movements is it associated with
–what is the voice of the author like?
–what evidence or logic are used in this piece?
–who is the intended audience?
–what change is the author hoping to make?
B. What do I mean by “a current piece of literature”?
— something written and published within the last 5 years
–a film, a poem, a novel, an essay, a memoir, a play, a performance piece, public art, journalistic pieces, photographs, paintings, a song, etc.
C. Parameters
— MLA format; at least 4 direct quotes from each source; Works Cited; Academic Standard English
–Length: 500 words paper 1; 1000 words paper both are 1000 words

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