Community Affairs Assignment

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March 4, 2017
March 4, 2017

Community Affairs Assignment

CRJ 101 First Writing Assignment Distributed

Community Affairs Assignment

The criminal justice system is comprised of three branches: law enforcement, courts and corrections. All of these branches are intended to keep society safe. Yet,

almost everyday a failure in one of these branches is reported. For this assignment, you are to explain how an issue has harmed your community, why the problem is of

interest to you, and what innovative, departmental changes in policy you believe would reduce the problem. Please, make a serious effort to incorporate a theoretical

explanation for why you believe your solution would be successful. Also, remember that your assignment should revolve around information from sources, that is either

anecdotal, statistical, personal. Your assignment should contain at least two to three sources and be no longer than 2-3 pages. This assignment is due on

Here is a list of the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself in completing this next writing assignment:

1.) What nationalities make the community?
2.) What cultural values are shared by the community?
3.) What minor issues are brewing in the community?
4.) What major crime haunts the community?
5.) Are there any public and/or nonpublic figures who voice his or her opinion regarding a communal crime problem?
6.) What reports have become public regarding this issue in your community?
7.) What measure would you put in place in the form of a program to reduce the crime your community is suffering from?
8.) Why do you think this measure will reduce crime?
9.) What proof is there in the form of a scientific study to support the measure you believe in? 10.) Is every one of your claims (topic sentences) indicate what you

will be discussing implicitly in every paragraph?
11.) Does your thesis state clearly what two objectives you will be taking to meet in the writing assignment implicitly?

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