Cognition & Metacognition

Cognition & Metacognition
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Assignment 2—Cognition & Metacognition
Part A: Learners are cognitive
Applying theory to practice
You are a teacher. You are planning a sequence of instruction for your student(s) in your main
teaching area in learning English most be specific like reading comberhansive.
(1) Very briefly outline your sequence of instruction, then,
(2) Explain in detail how the steps in the sequence address different stages of information
Be very brief in section (1) and give most attention to section (2)
Hint: reference to one or more Models of Information Processing will help you to answer this
Part B: Learners are meta-cognitive
Linking theories together to enrich practice
Following on from your lesson sequence above, describe how you would explicitly teach to
enhance students’ metacognitive activity
Hint: Give specific attention to explaining how your teaching actions would be expected to
improve students’ metacognitive awareness.
Please stay within the word limit in your assignment response.
please use Australian English not American English

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