Career Development Program

Career Development Program These questions: -Can you examine and discuss the organization, implementation, administration, and evaluation of programs at career centers. -Consider all your newly acquired information about the multi-faceted steps and considerations in developing career programs and career centers. As you found out, this involves many considerations such as the following: *Career programs (how the center decides offerings and topics of career programs they provide to the public). -Organizational considerations (such as staffing and computerized guidance systems). *Administrative considerations (such as leadership functions). *Implementation (who will be in charge of certain deliverables). Evaluation (how these programs will be evaluated from individual programs to customer service). -Having read about these areas, discuss an online career center or one in your local area and address how the career center you chose approaches each of these five areas. -Consider the center’s strengths or weaknesses in meeting diverse populations in their career program planning. -Finally, describe how this awareness and understanding of these components will help you as you prepare to advocate for career counseling clients in a referral to a center’s programs and services.

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