Bz440.2.1 quality control online exam 5_05

Online Exam 5_05
Part 1 of 2 –
Question 1 of 40
Which of the following is an element of management’s role in empowerment?

A. Commitment

B. Establishing quality circles

C. Establishing customer feedback mechanisms

D. Being impatient to earn employee buy-in

Question 2 of 40
This step in the Change Facilitation Model is accomplished by conducting face-to-face meetings with employees who are going to have to carry out the practical, day-to-day implementation of the change initiative.

A. Develop a compelling change picture.

B. Design the change implementation plan.

C. Communicate the change picture to all stakeholders.

D. Conduct a roadblock analysis.

Question 3 of 40
Employee empowerment is:

A. employee involvement in decision making.

B. employee input that is heard, seriously considered, and followed up on whether it is accepted or not.

C. power of the employee to make suggestions that will be reviewed by management.

D. power of the employee to make a decision without management involvement.
Feedback: Pages 113-114

Question 4 of 40
__________ suggests that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

A. The Juran Trilogy

B. Maslow’s Hierarchy

C. Murphy’s Law

D. Truman on leadership
Question 5 of 40
The __________ is made compelling by writing it from the perspective of the stakeholders it will be communicated to.

A. process plan

B. mission statement

C. corporate vision

D. change picture
Question 6 of 40
The rationale for __________ is that it represents the best way to bring the creativity and initiative of the best employees to bear on improving the company’s competitiveness.

A. a quality organization

B. empowerment

C. reengineering

D. workforce readiness

Question 7 of 40
Which of the following is the most appropriate leadership style in a total quality setting?

A. Autocratic

B. Democratic

C. Participative

D. Goal-orientated
Question 8 of 40
Which of the following strategies will help organizations move beyond empowerment to enlistment?

A. Set up a reward system.

B. Make it clear to all employees that their ownership is not just wanted and needed but that it is expected.

C. Make it clear to implement suggestions.

D. Empower employees for suggestions that are implemented.
Question 9 of 40
Trust-building strategies include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. being consistent.

B. providing employee enrichment.

C. pitching in and helping.

D. taking the blame but sharing the credit.
Question 10 of 40
Employee empowerment is:

A. employee involvement in decision making.

B. power of the employee to make suggestions that will be reviewed by management.

C. employee input that is heard, seriously considered, and followed up on whether it is accepted or not.

D. power of the employee to make a decision without management involvement.
Question 11 of 40
__________ arrays the basic human needs on five successive levels.

A. The Deming Cycle

B. Juran’s Leadership Model

C. The Delta Model

D. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Feedback: Pages 128-129

Question 12 of 40
The key to motivating people lies in the ability to relate their personal needs to the organization’s:

A. mission.

B. vision.

C. initiatives.

D. goals.

Question 13 of 40
A workforce that is ready for empowerment:

A. is accustomed to critical thinking.

B. understands the decision making process.

C. knows where it fits into the big picture.

D. All of the above
Question 14 of 40
Which of the following characteristics is not necessarily needed to be a good leader?

A. Good communication skills

B. Positive role model

C. A charismatic personality

D. Persuasiveness
Question 15 of 40
__________ leadership is also known as consultative leadership.

A. Democratic

B. Participative

C. Situational

D. Autocratic
Question 16 of 40
Prompt __________ suggestions for improvement is essential to the success of empowerment.

A. review of

B. implementation of

C. feedback on

D. demonstration of

Question 17 of 40
__________ is the phenomenon that exists when people in a group focus more on reaching a decision than on making a good decision.

A. Consensus

B. Brainstorming

C. Groupthink

D. Walking and talking
Question 18 of 40
A workforce that is ready for empowerment is accustomed to:

A. decision making.

B. critical thinking.

C. management support.

D. attending meetings.
Question 19 of 40
The word that best describes management’s role in employee empowerment is:

A. facilitation.

B. leadership.

C. commitment.

D. All of the above
Question 20 of 40
The primary inhibitor of empowerment is:

A. the Wohcao Syndrome.

B. human nature’s resistance to change.

C. resistance from employees and unions.

D. resistance from management.

Part 2 of 2 –
Question 21 of 40
__________ communication is communication among groups.

A. One-on-one level

B. Team-level

C. Company-level

D. Community-led

Question 22 of 40
Controlling internal politics begins with the organization’s:

A. mission.

B. vision.

C. strategic plan.

D. human resources.
Question 23 of 40
Robert Luke offers four guidelines for enhancing the effectiveness of corrective feedback. They are:

A. be positive, be prepared, be realistic, and don’t be completely negative.

B. be positive, be prepared, be realistic, be accurate.

C. be direct, be prepared, be realistic, be accurate.

D. don’t be completely negative, be positive, be brief, and be understanding.
Question 24 of 40
The oldest and most used method of teaching is the __________ method.

A. demonstration

B. conference

C. lecture/discussion

D. simulation

Question 25 of 40
__________ is the physiological decoding of sound waves.

A. Hearing

B. Listening

C. Interference

D. Communication
Feedback: Page 170

Question 26 of 40
Bringing together people who have a common cause or goal is a strategy of internal politicians known as:

A. electioneering.

B. lobbying.

C. rumor mongering.

D. coalition building.

Question 27 of 40
A group of people become a team when:

A. members adhere to team ground rules.

B. fair distribution of responsibility and authority exists.

C. people adapt to change.

D. All of the above
Question 28 of 40
Effective leadership by definition requires effective:

A. teamwork.

B. management.

C. communication.

D. facilitation.

Question 29 of 40
Team-building activities should be planned around:

A. the implementation of total quality.

B. the results of the needs assessment.

C. team goals.

D. composite data.

Question 30 of 40
Which of the following character traits promote successful teamwork?

A. Honesty

B. Controlling

C. Impatience

D. Need to be in-charge (bossy)
Question 31 of 40
Topics that are widely addressed in ethics training programs are:

A. drug and alcohol abuse.

B. employee theft and sexual harassment.

C. inaccuracy of books and records.

D. All of the above
Question 32 of 40
What percentage of what is read is remembered and retained?

A. 10 percent

B. 20 percent

C. 30 percent

D. 50 percent
Question 33 of 40
A fundamental premise of leadership is:

A. reward/recognition.

B. setting a positive example.

C. controlling workplace conflict.

D. using collaboration as a guiding principle.

Question 34 of 40
A strategy used by internal politics that involves the sharing and/or selective withholding of information is:

A. coalition building.

B. lobbying.

C. electioneering.

D. spreading of rumors and gossip.
Question 35 of 40
Which of the following is NOT a common inhibitor of communication?

A. Lack of trust

B. Lack of concentration

C. Interference

D. Inaccurate assumptions
Question 36 of 40
Verbal communication is least effective when:

A. reprimanding an employee for poor performance.

B. promoting a safety campaign.

C. commending an employee for doing a good job.

D. attempting to resolve conflict between or among employees.
Question 37 of 40
Which of the following situations indicates that conflict should be stimulated?

A. Employees always agree and tell managers what they want to hear.

B. Employees willingly admit their mistakes.

C. The turnover rate is unusually high.
Question 38 of 40
Which of the following is a strategy of e-learning?

A. E-learning must have a statement of purpose.

B. E-learning works best when there are learning coaches and mentors provided.

C. E-learning requires close supervision and feedback.

D. Build in quality to enhance the e-learning experience.
Question 39 of 40
The effective team-building process includes all but which one of the following?

A. Plan.

B. Design.

C. Assess.

D. Execute.
Question 40 of 40
A strategy used by internal politics that involves the sharing and/or selective withholding of information is:

A. coalition building.

B. lobbying.

C. electioneering.

D. the power play.

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