Business Proposal

Topic: Business Proposal
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You are the founding entrepreneur of a new business. You are aiming to raise money to get your business off the ground. To do this, you will need to submit a proposal to potential investors.
The proposal should convince them to invest in your new product or service by offering them a compelling business opportunity in the Australian fashion industry.
Your proposal should demonstrate:
• How the concept aligns with prevailing trends / scenarios (for example: Technology, Sustainability, Customisation, etc)
• How the concept compares to existing products or services (for example: Competitor Analysis)
• How the business will be run (for example: Logistics, Retail Strategy, Culture, etc)
• Financial analysis (for example: Start-up costs, Running costs, Sales, Price, Margins, Market size, Growth, Break-even point, etc)
• Launch campaign, including visuals (for example: based on Guerrilla marketing approach – maximum exposure for minimum expense)
The above points should not be understood as being the structure required for your proposal. The structure you use should be based on the concept you are describing and how to best sell it.

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