Business 636

Business 636

Business 636 (Non-Profit Operations)

Assume you are a non-profit organization seeking capacity building grant assistance

Proposals should not exceed 5 pages exclusive of budget and support materials, and should cover at least the following topics:

1. Brief description of the organization’s history, background, artistic significance, current programs, and commitment to equity.

2. Population served by annual programs, including demographics (African Immigrants community)

3. A detailed description of the need for this project and the critical juncture the organization faces.

4. Explanation of the organization’s financial position and how it arrived at this moment. What is the biggest financial challenge the group faces?

5. An accounting of the organization’s readiness and capacity for change. What will change? How will change be managed?

6. Description of the activities undertaken to meet the challenge of this critical juncture. If a consultant is needed for assistance, a bid from that consultant must be included as a supporting attachment to confirm scope of work and project cost.

7. Timeline for completed activities throughout the requested grant period (01/01/2018-12/31/2019)

8. Explanation of how the proposed changes will transform the organization and be sustained over the long term. Please enumerate the indicators you will use to determine if the project has succeeded.

9. Specify a bid from a project consultant confirming fee for services rendered.

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