BUS C12.S.5.1 – The defendant in a civil action must file

BUS C12.S.5.1 – The defendant in a civil action must file
1- The defendant in a civil action must file a/an __________ in response to the plaintiff’s first pleading within a certain number of days.

a- summons

b- complaint

c- answer

d- deposition
2- Albert and Lewis discuss the sale of Albert’s beach house. Albert suggests a negotiable $100,000. Which is Lewis’ acceptance of Albert’s offer?

a- Lewis thinks to himself, “I sure could get a lot of use out of such a property.”

b- Lewis and Albert shake hands on the negotiated fee.

c- Lewis replies, “Let me think about it.”

d- Lewis walks away.
3- If a breach of contract occurs, the losses suffered by the injured party can be recovered by suing the other party to the contract for:

a- impossibility of performance.

b- negligence.

c- compensatory damages.

d- punitive damages.
4- Mike brought some clothes to be dry cleaned at Sunny’s Cleaners and picked them up two days later. While in Sunny’s possession, the clothes were an example of:

a- an interest in intangible personal property.

b- a transfer of title.

c- a consignment.

d- a mutual-benefit bailment.
5- Ari the auto salesman tells Carrie the customer, “I guarantee you won’t regret buying this car.” Ari’s statement is:

a- a full warranty.

b- a limited warranty.

c- an express warranty.

d- mere sales talk.
6- To recover under workers’ compensation laws, the injured party must:

a- be an independent contractor.

b- prove the employer’s negligence.

c- have been injured from a risk of his or her work, while working.

d- qualify under the terms of a union contract.
7- Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes discrimination unlawful if it is based on the individual’s:

a- age being 40 or older.

b- religion.

c- physical or mental impairment.

d- refusal to submit to an AIDS blood test.
8- Unless Mike __________, he cannot obtain a valid insurance policy on Sharon’s life.

a- selects a reasonable face value for the policy

b- has been designated as Sharon’s beneficiary

c- is Sharon’s husband

d- has an insurable interest in Sharon’s life
9- A debtor in bankruptcy can avoid __________ once a discharge is granted.

a- claims from the government for last year’s taxes

b- claims from credit card companies

c- student loan payment claims

d- child support claims
10- A general warranty deed:

a- is a deed with guarantees.

b- warrants that the grantor has a right to convey property.

c- transfers whatever interest the grantor has in the property.

d- warrants good title free from all claims.

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