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finish-studying Master of scientific study (Biomedical science). So, I want you to write a research proposal for PHD degree about blood diseases and new treatment you can focus in any type of blood disease but try to discuss it in scientific way. And I will attached some example of research project and latest news for treat blood disease. Also, the topical way to write research proposal.

Format for research proposal

A suggested format for an effective research proposal

1- Introduction
Present the context for the proposed research by outlining the background field and by reviewing some of the existing research. Establish the need for further research and in particular for the project that you are proposing.
2- Research Aims
Clearly state aims of the research project. What will you achieve in this research project? Identify the value, significance and contribution of the proposed work. The findings will need to extend knowledge in the field.?Consider some possible implications of the findings.
3- Literature Review
Review relevant previous studies. This will be a brief overview, not a comprehensive review of the literature like the one that you will present in your thesis. It will serve to provide a context within which your research will be situated, and whereby you can demonstrate the need for your particular research. Describe the theoretical framework you have chosen to use in your project.
4- Research Plan
Provide a careful plan of the proposed research to demonstrate that the project is feasible, can be completed within the required time, and will provide useful evidence to achieve the research aims.?The plan may include the following sections:

?General methodology
Outline and justify the proposed methodology. Discuss the rationale for your selection of research paradigm, research techniques, materials, equipment, testing procedures, data collection, proposed analyses, etc.

?Research Questions
Present the research questions that the proposed study will investigate and answer.

State the hypotheses that will be tested (if relevant).

?Stages in the Research
Provide a detailed explanation of the stages in the research and the major tasks to be undertaken within each stage of your work. Show that you have considered the best methods to achieve the aims.?

Scope and Problems
Identify the scope of the proposed research- and an appreciation of possible problems that may occur along the way.

?Resources Required
Identify the resources needed to conduct the research and their availability.?

Time Lines
Establish that the research can be completed in time.

Provide a list of all references that you have cited in the proposal.
This link proved for you some example of scientific project about blood disease :

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