Analyzing a Biblical Speech

How was it used? Why do you think Lincoln used that device? While you might find many rhetorical devices in the Gettysburg Address,
March 4, 2017
describe the function of the committee and the roles of those in attendance.
March 4, 2017

Analyzing a Biblical SpeechAnalyzing a Biblical Speech

This assignment requires a rough draft and a revised draft to be completed and turned into the designated Dropbox folders.

Select a speech from the Bible. In 750-1000 words, analyze the speech using the rhetorical devices discussed in class so far. A way to analyze something is to
thoughtfully answer basic, relevant questions. Some of the questions an analysis on this topic would be: Who gave the speech? Who was the audience of the speech? What
words were used and/or what message was conveyed? When and where was the speech given? Why was the speech given? How was the speech delivered? Finally, what qualities
of the speech captured your attention and why?

Once you begin rewriting the first draft of your essay, be sure the essay has a strong thesis, and a clear overall direction. Do not simply answer the basic questions
about the speech and leave out your analysis of what the speech means. Readers of any essay should know the “so what” of the essay and a good title, thesis,
introduction, and conclusion should all ensure the reader understands the purpose of the essay.

You can use the following example to assist you in ensuring your paper is APA styled format:
APA Template

The following rubric will be used to assess all written material in this course:
ASAS Essay Grading Rubric

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