Alejandro Homeopathy

Alejandro Homeopathy
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Assignment DB1.1
1. Instructions:
1. Imagine you have some symptoms, now, you will go to , after inputting your information into the remedy finder, you will get a recommended remedy.
2. Click on the remedy grid and save the screen as a picture, this have to be submitted with your paper.
3. Your paper should be 2 pages.
o The paper must be written in a scholarly manner, college level English with correct spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph formation.
o Be sure to use your researched articles/books for in-text citations and in the references page of your paper, APA Format, and include headlines and sub-headlines as well. Journal articles/books must have been published within the last 5 years.
4. Please include how you took the remedy and its effectiveness. If for some reason you are not able to take the suggested remedy according to the GRID, explain why you were not able to take it. You may then write about a family member or someone you know who did take a remedy. For example “chamomile tea for calmness” sworn by a family member to work.
5. Research the remedy you used further and provide evidence to support its effectiveness. In-text citations and reference page applying the correct APA Format is required.
6. Be sure to attach your Homeopathy GRID.
7. Failure to follow all these instructions will result in a lower grade.

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